Meet the Team: Bianca Rosen


Okay, we know you’re behind the recent Dodgers versus Giants social post. What the heck were you thinking?

To begin with, we all know San Francisco is way cooler than Los Angeles so I had to take a stand. Although I can admit the Giants haven’t been good for years, I will always rep the Bay Area having been born and raised here.

You’ve been a journalist for a couple of years now. What’s the biggest difference with the type of writing you’re doing for our clients?

I don’t consider myself a journalist actually, because my writing is not objective nor does it pretend to be. In my work, I draw from experience and write in my own voice to analyze an issue. The writing I do for our clients is much different in that I’m adopting their voice.

In your experience, what makes for a great social post?

I find the best social posts are ones that humanize the brand and encourage engagement with your audience. In my experience, these posts typically include images of people and concise, yet authentic copy. It’s these kinds of posts that really take advantage of the community aspect that these social platforms offer – if utilized correctly.

How about a blog post?

A great blog post is true to the voice of your brand. It is short, easy to read, while also demonstrating the personality and value your business offers.

What types of things are you involved with outside of Farinella?

Outside of Farinella, I’m a writer and advocate for survivors of sexual violence. In my writing, I call for reform in the sexual assault forensic examination and reporting process. My pieces have been featured in The San Francisco Examiner, Ms. Magazine, and The Hill.

But this work is really born out of my time as a sexual assault counselor in San Francisco and soon I will be a counselor in Alameda County. Although it’s hard, it means a lot to me to be able to support survivors in my community.

You just moved to San Francisco. What’s your go-to breakfast spot in your neighborhood?

We’re loving our new neighborhood and all the great restaurants in it! One place, in particular, offers a great breakfast but also sandwiches – which are my favorite – and that’s Hazel’s Kitchen. I recommend that everybody check it out.

Finally – if you were going to be stuck on a desert island, what type of donut would you take with you and why?

Definitely a chocolate donut. They used to call me the “chocolate monster” in elementary school and I’ve been living up to the title ever since.

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