Meet the Team: Courteney Morgan


Thanks for taking time to do this in between World Cup matches. Who’s your pick this year?

USA baby!

Did you play competitive soccer?  

Yes, as a youth in high school and a little intramural in college. As an adult I play on an indoor women’s team.

What do you do to unwind?

Books and wine.

You help us keep our projects on time and on budget. What got you into this line of work?

I have a background in both administrative and team management, as well as web production. I first began working with a marketing agency that needed a project manager who had a technical background as well as management skills; it was a good fit.

I enjoy working with people and oddly enough spreadsheets too!

We appreciate you acting as a translator between client and creative team. How much does motherhood help you with this part of the job?

The ability to wear many hats and communicate to various personalities is key for both children and adults. I value all working relationships and like to cultivate a positive atmosphere that benefits everybody on a personal level and the projects we all want to see flourish.

What makes for a great client engagement?

Positive communication. That begins with understanding what their core needs are and how we as individuals and an agency can be of greatest value to our clients.

How do you keep our creative team on task?

Technology is a beautiful thing! Being able to track schedules and assign tasks with dates is so great.

If you were stranded on a deserted island, do you want red or white wine?

Assuming this island is in a sunny location – definitely white!

Last one: Mountains, beach, redwoods?

Outdoors. Tahoe is my jam.

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