Hashtags are the easiest way to stand out in the noisy world of social media. Read on >
Courteney Morgan is the Project Manager with Farinella.
Courteney Morgan is Farinella's Project Manager and the backbone of our team. Balancing clients, projects, and motherhood, Morgan brings that special something every creative needs. Read on >
Introducing Compass Made, a leading Silicon Valley contract manufacturer. Our team re-named and branded this legacy company. Read on >
Here's the thing: without a plan, your marketing is going to fail. We have some ideas how to fix that. Read on >
Our Felise Moglia takes a look at how we — a little ol' creative communications agency — can help with climate change. Read on >
Our old friend Brian Lilla announced his new project "Children of the Vine." It's an important work that deserves our attention. Read on >
Libratone, an award-winning wireless speaker, headphone, and earbud manufacturer, hired Farinella to manage its Facebook advertising efforts. Read on >
Jessica joined us earlier this year to take on the CycleBar Berkeley project. Last time she was in the office chatted about the PR business and what keeps her engaged. Read on >
The Farinella team successfully wrapped its efforts for CycleBar Berkeley. Read on >
It’s the new year, and you’re staring down this list of things to do: find new opportunities, win new clients, get the signature on the big deal. The list is one thing, executing is quite another. We know, we have that same list! Read on >
Two local entrepreneurs are bringing a CycleBar franchise to Berkeley. They engaged the Farinella team to provide launch publicity and counsel on planning CycleGiving events. Read on >
In 45 days, 2,278 Kickstarter backers contributed $227,673 to the launch of XPUMP — a whopping 911 percent of the company's goal. We helped a little. Read on >
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