Libratone offers world-class Bluetooth speakers, headphones, and earbuds with a classic Danish look and engineering quality.

the call

We don’t understand Facebook advertising, and we need help. Don’t come in as a creative agency looking to pump out ads —  be a smart agency with a plan and partner with us.

the solve

We built a strategy that combined information gleaned from the company’s past brand work, an updated brand definition, and a deep dive into the wireless speaker industry. Along with that information and a clearly defined set of personas and audiences, we delivered creative work that connected.

As with any digital marketing project, the market challenged our strategy and creative assumptions early on. We continually refined and reworked our offerings to ensure we were reaching the right audience with the right message at the right CPA.

video ads

Working with existing video assets, we created engaging ads to capture attention and drive traffic to Libratone’s e-commerce site.

image ADs

We leveraged an extensive visual library to create ads targeted to some key demographics.

the client says: 

“Before we brought on Farinella LLC, we never turned a profit in Facebook advertising. A few months after they took over, we saw a positive ROI for the first time. Farinella LLC was also instrumental in launching our advertising campaigns, announcing our new headphone line. Thanks in part to their creative testing and spend optimization, we found that it had a better ROI than our speakers. We couldn’t have found that out without Farinella LLC.”

Mike Culver, Libratone USA President

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