We’re fortunate that Breanna Chan joined us to run our social media business. She brings exceptional big thinking and ass-kicking vibe to our agency. You should know her better. Let’s get into it:

David: As you know, we ask the big important questions during job interviews. Your favorite doughnut was a doozy. Were you truthful with your answer?

Breanna: (Laughs) One-hundred percent! When I was pregnant with my son, I asked for the sparkle donut. That’s right. SPARKLE! Everyone was very kind and just accepted the statement. It took a minute for my brain to register that I said sparkle. To this day, that’s the first thing that comes to mind when I think about doughnuts, and rainbow sprinkles are always my go-to. Baby brain is real.

David: I loved the breadth of your experience on your resume, from Goodwill to contract manufacturing. How do you bounce between such different industries?

Breanna: One of the reasons I wanted to move to the business-to-business type of work was because I had done so much work talking directly with consumers at Goodwill. Plus, it’s easy for me to write emotionally and tug on people’s heartstrings because I’m such an overly emotional person. I didn’t know anything about manufacturing at the time and hadn’t done any B2B marketing, and I wanted the challenge.

David: One thing that makes social media marketing interesting is that each network has a different vibe. How do you approach each, and what’s your thought process while working on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn?

Breanna: I approach every channel with the thought that everyone uses social for different reasons. The first thing that I look at is who the client is, what they offer, and who exactly do they want following them? Then I look at how the existing followers interact with them (if interaction happens). I try to answer these questions: What do followers of this account want to see? How do they want to communicate with the company? From there, we can determine what content should stay, what should go, and what we should add.

David: We haven’t done this as an agency, but I continue to get emails about TikTok. Are you on TikTok?

Breanna: I have a personal one that I occasionally share when my kids or my dog does something funny. My side hustle, That Sage Life, is on TikTok.

David: Should we be pushing our clients to TikTok?

Breanna: It depends on the client and our strategy. Is the client trying to attract TikTokers (Is that a word? I guess it is now.)? What do we hope to get out of it, and is that possible through that channel?

David: Okay, let’s talk about the side hustle. Tell me about it.


woman selling products


Breanna: That Sage Life makes handmade and all-natural bath and body products. So, body bars or bar soap, sugar scrubs, bath salts, some kid’s toy soaps, and hand salves. Everything is handmade and packaged by hand in our home. We’re a small operation so far — me, my Mom, and our graphic designer. My mom and I both like being creative and making things from scratch. We took that energy to create a brand that was different from all the other bath and body brands I’ve seen, then combine it with my occasionally snarky, inappropriate attitude.

David: Where would people go to look at or buy your products?

Breanna: All of our products are available on our website.

David: All right, wildcard questions. Vacation in the mountains or on the beach?

Breanna: Beach

David: Movie or hike.

Breanna: I will say hike in the fall and spring, but a movie if it’s middle of August and we’re still in Vacaville because it’s just too hot.

David: Knowing that you have two young kids, what movie are you sick of right now?toddlers playing

Breanna: Raya and the Last Dragon and Cars.

David: Children’s movie you’ll watch again?

Breanna: Moana.

David: Do you prefer comedy or horror?

Breanna: Oh, comedy. I try to be tough sometimes and go the horror route, but then I get too into it and end up dreaming about it.

David: Favorite comedy movie?

Breanna: I have a favorite comedy show. The Office.

David: Your favorite social account?

Breanna: @theofficefeeds for obvious reasons. And @sammijefcoate She’s a UK-based alternative influencer.

David: Most random social account you follow?

Breanna: There are two on Instagram: @arrow_sniper87 — he’s this random guy that’s good at shooting a bow and arrow — and @amhband. I don’t even know how to describe the second one. They make me laugh. The accounts I follow are pretty consistent in terms of themes —working-dog accounts, soap, tattoos, some lifestyle, friends, home interior and exteriors, some astronomy, and some inspirational.

David: Okay! That’s it.

Breanna: Great, thank you!

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