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it’s just pretty things, right?


Hundreds of studies show that customers trust, connect, and buy from brands that take care to produce clean, engaging, attractive communications. [Note: we made that up, but it sounds right.]

Seriously, though, we believe that the strength of any creative execution—whether it’s a design project, corporate identity, visual assets, or sales materials—is in its simple appeal. One of our core beliefs is that the message should always be louder than the messenger, and nowhere is that more true than in our creative work. 

At the same time, beauty, for beauty’s sake, is ego. As with everything else coming out of our shop, strategy must play an important role in any execution. We ask ourselves with every project: Will this connect with a customer interested in buying from our client? 

With that in mind, let’s get into what creative means at Farinella World Headquarters.

why is strategy important at the creative stage?

Look, we’re all for beauty in this world. There should be more of it across the board. But as marketers, we’re in the business of delivering strategically beautiful creative that connects with your customers on an emotional level. We aim to move them from potential customers to buyers because of the conscious connection that we’re building. 

A creative strategy involves uncovering that emotional connection and discovering how to spark it. During that strategic work, we look to uncover where our potential customers will be, what moves them, and how we can inspire them. From there, it’s an easier path to deliver creative that moves the needle and improves your bottom line. 

That’s why.

so, um, what’s corporate identity?

Understood. That’s a bit of agency speak for business cards, letterhead, envelopes, labels, and the like. These things deserve special care because they are an additional emotional touchpoint between your company and the person holding it.

let’s talk design aesthetic

Okay. Here is one of those sections that bean-counters and sales-driven professionals will skip. See you in a minute.

Our agency believes that the message should always be louder than the messenger. To that end, our design aesthetic is clean, uncomplicated, and fresh. At the same time, we want to wow and stand out. More than anything, we aim for humble strength as our aesthetic.

What drives us BONKERS is seeing creative work that’s disorganized, confusing, and nonsensical. From our seat, creative must make sense logically and emotionally. That way, the audience doesn’t question what’s happening. They absorb the information placed in front of them. And you know what happens then? They click the buy button. 


We spend a fair amount of time with clients throughout our engagements for a handful of reasons. When it comes to creative executions, it’s imperative we deliver the pieces that are most authentic to the company. There’s no ego here on our side. We’re here to serve the brand and the client, delivering creative things (see list above) that make them proud.

first things first

Get your brand house in order before kicking off any kind of creative project. We’re talking about logo, color palette, typography, and (best case scenario) a visual style guide that is ready to go. You’ll have a cleaner and more efficient experience with those things in hand.

let’s talk about photos and videos

Yes, let’s! We partner with visual artists — photographers and videographers — to produce assets used in marketing, advertising, and communications executions. As with everything we produce here, we challenge ourselves to remain authentic when developing photo and video assets.

Our crews shoot on location and in the studio, depending on client needs. We travel as lightly as possible to avoid interfering with your business day and capture photos and videos at the same time as much as possible. 

We specialize in capturing people and processes, always looking for the smallest details to show expertise and precision.

Beyond getting “the shot,” we focus on producing materials for use across multiple campaigns, including marketing, advertising, digital, and social media. We want to ensure we give our clients a cost-effective and efficient solution.

so what do i get?

We deliver final assets in the format that you’ll use most. For instance, if you’re a business that relies on Google Workspace, we’ll give you Docs and Slides. If you’re stuck in 1997, we’ll provide you with Word and PowerPoint templates. (Kidding, not kidding.)

Sales sheets, design guides, marketing collateral, and the like are sent via PDF as needed. For corporate identity projects, we can send print-ready files or handle the printing for you. 

We can deliver photo and video assets via Dropbox, Google Drive, Hightail, or WeTransfer.

Long story short, we want you to have the things you paid for and do our best to make it easy on you.

3…2…1…let’s Go!

More often than not, we develop creative assets for use in more extensive marketing or communications projects. So, we’re constantly looking for ways to connect Project A to Campaign A to be strategic, cost-effective, and efficient. 

A united set of strategies is essential, from brand to marketing to communications to creative. Each relies on the other, building a cohesive whole that helps a company stand out in this noisy marketplace. 

So, let’s get our ducks in a row and get going.

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