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logos and colors and messaging, oh my

Let’s get into it, bub. Branding is not just a logo with a bunch of colors and quippy taglines. Nope. Branding is a clear and cohesive framework designed to inspire trust and value from customers, employees, and the marketplace.

What did you think of when you saw that red bottle cap up there? The name, right? Taste next? Then, we’re betting, a positive memory associated with that beverage. All of that is branding.

it starts with brand strategy

We are big believers in building brands that uncover the “truthiness” of a company. Our goal is to work hand in hand with owners, CEOs, CMOs, or senior management to deliver branding that stands out, connects, and drives business.

Branding work starts with conversations and research. We talk to as many employees and customers as possible. We dive into a company’s closest competitors and allies. We look at industry and market trends. From there, we conduct a strategic analysis to answer branding’s most essential questions: how do we stand out, stay relevant, and maintain our edge.

continues with experimenting

Shapes and colors. Taglines and values. Our team develops, tests, and refines many concepts to see what fits the company’s promise and answers our strategic direction. Let’s call this the educated doodling phase, where ideas become designs and messages.


Here’s the thing — branding needs to be authentic to the company. Folks need to feel confident when standing in front of their logo and comfortable speaking in the company’s new tone. It needs to ring true.

To that end, an agency like ours needs to work hand-in-hand with its clients. So, from here, it’s refining and talking, talking and refining. We try out logo treatments, voices, taglines, color palettes, and design concepts.

the bottom line

Our holistic approach is to deliver a harmonious brand that helps you stand out, appear relevant, and succeed. We’re pressure-testing our ideas every step of the way to ensure they connect and inspire.

3…2…1…let’s Go!

Creating the brand is like building a race car. Launching it is like taking turn three at 125 m.p.h. (Note: we don’t know if that’s fast, but you get it.)

In our experience, carefully planned and integrated brand launches are the most successful. These have the most impact across the business, from brand awareness to connection to conversion.

That includes deliverables like websites, photo & video asset libraries, business systems (business cards, letterhead, e-mail signatures, and the like), brand launch events and PR, social media channel set-ups, etc.

At the risk of smashing the metaphor, let’s call this the checkered flag. Okay, we’re done.

let’s talk

Picking an agency to help create and launch a brand can be daunting. We’re happy to answer any questions.

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We’ve launched brands at the New York Stock Exchange, in a San Francisco highrise, and on a manufacturing floor in Anaheim. It’s a privilege to help these companies succeed.

resources & checklists

step 1

the conversation starter

Successful branding efforts start with a conversation to better understand where you are, who you’re trying to reach, and how you’re going to stand out. This helps line it out.

step 2

Things to consider

Now that you have an idea for how deep we go in terms of branding, here’s a list of possibilities to consider before we dive right in.

step 3

What’s in the bag?

Every branding project has a baseline of items that we guarantee, shown in the PDF attached. We’re always happy to build more, which we’ll discuss as we inch forward.

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