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oh. haha. that’s a pun.

Sheesh. Sorry. Silly jokes and clever copy are not really our thing. We deliver copy that connects, informs, and engages. Sure, funny can work, but as soon as you make the message obvious, it’s easier to ignore.

Successful communication takes more than a college-level English class and the right AI prompts. We also believe that creating meaningful and actionable messaging takes over 10,000 hours of practice.

Our experience shows it’s essential to start with understanding the audience and succeed by writing in that person’s voice. Likewise, leveraging the right platform is vital to ensure your message hits the right people.

We’re here to help you figure out the right messaging, platform, and strategy. Your company shouldn’t settle for less.

why are solid communications important?

Remember the “you only get one chance to make a first impression” adage? True here also, especially since most customers will read about you before seeing anything about you. Imagine meeting someone for the first time, reaching out to shake their hand, and belting out a stream of gibberish.

On the flip side, you win your audience’s confidence when you confidently express your perspective and expertise without bombast. Be honest, authentic, and helpful. Never yell about how great you or your product is — tell your story quietly and authoritatively. That, for us, is solid communication.

why is communications strategy important?

Quick question — how many places did you get information today? Social media, blog posts, newspapers (online or print), email newsletters, news channels, your company’s intranet … We’re willing to bet the answer is all those places.

Successful communications efforts consider the number of platforms available to both marketers and buyers and craft messaging to each. That communications strategy will go from words on a screen or page to actionable content that drives business.

wait. what’s paid media versus owned media?

We get this question a lot, and it’s a smart one.

Back in the “old days,” we used to talk about four media types — Paid, Earned, Shared, and Owned. It’s called the PESO model, and it is the basis for a strategic, integrated, and measurable communications program.

Paid Media is great for when a client wants to reach a specific audience and will pay to get that message across. Think about sponsored posts/articles on a blog or in a trade magazine.

Earned Media results from PR experts working with what we used to call “the press” who covered your company and got “news” out in the world

Shared Media includes user-generated content (one of the holy grails in social media), online mentions of your company (think Wikipedia, Quora, or Reddit in a good way)

Owned Media is the content created for the company’s platforms, like the Blog page on your website or social media channels.

Each media type has its merits and can benefit any company, but this strategy is explosive and opportunistic when used together.


Our agency is founded on the back-and-forth information sharing, creation, and perfecting model. When it comes to successful communication strategies and efforts, this type of teamwork is vital.

Here’s why:

  • Things change. No agency has a crystal ball. Share and share alike.
  • You have a first-hand view of what’s happening at the company daily that can only be amplified when shared.
  • Many clients utilize several agencies to manage marketing, advertising, PR, social media, SEO/SEM, etc. (We can talk about why that’s often a recipe for NOT success down the road.) If these efforts are not aligned, then you’re wasting your budget.
  • CMOs or owners have an insider point of view regarding future growth or capital expenditure plans. Regular connects with your agency will help communicate those plans and successes.
  • All communications must mirror the tone and voice of the company to maintain corporate authenticity (yeah, we know that might not be a thing for some companies).

how do I use video in a communications plan?

At its core, communication is about connecting, engaging, informing, and convincing. The goal is to build trust and inspire action. Video is one of the best ways to accomplish this because in minutes (or TikTok seconds), we can turn the curious into a buyer.

Video enables us to capture attention, tell a story, show off features and benefits, showcase expertise, and put it in a format that helps customers retain that information when deciding what to buy.

As with any communications effort, the key to a successful video project is identifying the audience, uncovering key messages, developing a script and shot list for production day efficiency, and refining the video by editing and post-production.

It’s hard to beat video when expressing expertise and authenticity.

3…2…1…Let’s Go!

Take a breath before you hop on to the word processor and launch Grammarly. There are a few things to do before launching any communications program.

Develop a careful communications strategy — research your audience and where they get their information.

Make a plan — integrate any media with marketing, SEO, social media, and other outbound communications.

Create — develop programs geared towards connection and engagement, and keep in mind that design is an integral part of the process.

Optimize — it’s critical to see what type of content and what platform is giving you the best results and ROI

Go — define your tone and voice, refine your message, and then get going. People want to know what makes you better/different. Tell them.

the bottom line

Let’s get real — every marketing and communications effort must positively influence the bottom line. Those bean-counting CFOs are looking everywhere and anywhere to cut budgets, especially in marketing. So, ensure your content is engaging, informative, and inspirational so your ideal customer hits the Buy or Request for Quote button.

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