The Ins, Outs, Pros, & Cons of PPC

Let’s try to make this as simple as possible. Pay-per-click advertising is an activity where you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. Unlike broadcast, print, or outdoor advertising campaigns, where you pay for the space, you pay for the activity with PPC.

Let’s look at some of the positives of adding PPC to your marketing mix:

  • Ads show to people actively searching for your product or service.
    Ads show to a target audience that you (or we) select
    PPC offers immediate results
    You control the budget
    Measurable results where you can track clicks, conversions, and performance

The Things We Do

PPC encompasses just about any digital marketing platform — Google, Meta, Bing, and LinkedIn — and having a well-formulated strategy for each is essential.

We take a comprehensive, full-funnel approach to PPC, strategizing for every stage of the conversion funnel—awareness at the top and customer loyalty at the bottom. Yes, we want to generate leads for your business, but it’s just as important to nurture those leads throughout the funnel and turn them into loyal customers.

Here is where we have PPC expertise:

Google Ads Management — keyword and audience research lead to cost-efficient campaigns to generate more leads and sales

Meta Ads Management — reach your ideal customers and grow your brand’s online presence across Facebook and Instagram.

LinkedIn Ads Management — reach decision makers with targeted campaigns for the people in your industry, increase page followers, and promote thought leadership articles.

Bing Ads Management — pinpoint the most effective keywords and audiences to boost your lead generation and drive more sales

Additionally, cross-channel remarketing is one of the most important and effective methods of getting attention across every digital platform and driving users back to your website to complete desired actions with personalized remarketing campaigns.

What You’ll Need to Get Started with PPC

Here is a list of things you’ll need before launching a PPC campaign:

  • List of keywords
  • Defined audience
  • Library of photo and video assets
  • Catalog of differentiators (often done during positioning exercises)
  • Brand assets
  • Budget ideas
  • Credit card
  • Business accounts on desired platforms


Ideally, you’ll have a CRM (we use and love HubSpot) for tracking, follow-ups, and additional campaigns down the road. 

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