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It starts with a conversation.

People come to us when they’re struggling to communicate that one big thing that helps them stand out. It takes a minute to figure out why. Hard questions. Honest answers. We’re in the fight with you. We’ll figure it out.

Then we do some homework. Yeah, homework.

We’ve learned over the years that the most successful engagements start with a holistic look at a company, its competitors, and the industry. That process gives us understanding and a roadmap.


That brings us to thinking, designing, writing.

We don’t operate with a “one-size fits all” philosophy, and we don’t offer solutions that won’t move the needle on your business. We are a team of senior-level pros who understand the most efficient way to deliver creative solutions for your most pressing marketing problems.


If we believe the “& Farinella” mantra, then we think that our client’s success is the only success. That brings us to the Democracy of Good Ideas concept, something we learned from legendary creative director Tracy Wong. At its essence, this notion states that we work towards the singular goal of building our clients’ businesses, so we have no ego on who comes up with the winning idea. Partnership, as a word, is a cliche nowadays. The spirit, though, is what we aim for in every engagement.

Our entire team — no matter if we’re in the strategic, planning, creating, or amplifying piece of the project — think beyond the initial assignment because we’re concerned with developing winning strategies and convincing creative. We’re big believers in integrating our efforts whenever possible, so we play nicely with Experiential, Media, Public Relations, and Investor Relations agencies.

It’s & Farinella for a reason.



Every campaign that moves the needle starts with a road map. We look for ways to uncover differentiation and opportunities to amplify a company’s promise. Our team is well versed in building marketing strategies that combine multiple tactical executions.


Getting loud is not the answer to attracting a customer’s attention. Nah, today’s advertising balances smarts, clarity, and creativity to draw the right attention. Our experience ranges from digital advertising to print, social, radio, and outdoor campaigns.


Thoughtful and carefully crafted messages help an audience connect with a company while informing authentically. Our agency’s DNA is in creating and delivering print, digital, video, and podcast pieces for internal and external audiences.


First thing you do when hearing about a new company is hitting the search button to learn all about them. That’s why we pay careful attention to developing online experiences from search to site that helps bring visitors and pique interest.


and we’re grateful.

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