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brass rings, chocolates, and marketing.

Ask any business owner and salesperson from any era, and they’ll tell you that THIS IS THE MOST COMPETITIVE TIME IN THE HISTORY OF BUSINESS.


It’s absolutely true that every business is fighting with dozens of other businesses to grab the brass ring. And it’s true that the most successful companies are the ones with bright brand awareness, amazing salespeople, and a phenomenal product or service. 

We’re willing to wager the less successful were the companies that didn’t invest in a marketing strategy other than boxes of chocolate during the holidays. Who doesn’t love that three-pounder of mixed nuts, but that’s not so much a strategy as it is a website order. 

We’ve gotten distracted. 

In our eyes, marketing is the penultimate pillar of a successful business. The first is product, the second is marketing, and the third is sales. Marketing is the tool to connect potential customers to your offering, convince them of its promise, and then keep them around for as long as possible.

The science of marketing hasn’t changed much since the early days. Tell them who you are, tell them why they need you, and then tell them again 248 times. 

The art of marketing, though, is a constantly evolving picture. Let’s talk about that!

what’s the best marketing strategy for my business?

Glad you asked. The answer, though, is not a one-size-fits-all solution. The best marketing solution for your business is the one that gets people to push the buy button, whether you’re a retail outlet, SaaS solution, manufacturer, or professional firm. 

Our experience shows that a strategic integrated marketing program that is specially designed for your business is “the best.” Defining goals and key performance indicators early in the process leads to a smart plan that is efficient and cost-effective.

why is marketing strategy important?

We’re all business owners or people responsible for the bottom line here, right? Well, a marketing strategy is essential before starting any work to ensure we’re reaching the right people with a convincing message in the most cost-effective manner.

Here are some things you should look to answer during a marketing strategy action:

Who is our target audience?

Where do they get their information?

What are their pain points?

How can we solve them?

Why should they trust us?

What does success look like?

Where can we adjust if necessary?


We look to find those answers to build marketing efforts that lead to sales. That’s what we’re here for, after all.

outbound versus
inbound marketing

Let’s do our best to simplify these somewhat confusing marketing buzzwords:

Inbound marketing is a way to get attention by offering content that answers their questions with helpful information. Think blog posts, videos, webinars, and social media posts. 

Outbound marketing meets the audience where they are, communicating a brand’s promise through advertising, email campaigns, direct mail, and the like. This is what also could be called “traditional” marketing.

Holler with questions.


Here’s the thing — successful marketing campaigns take a lot of conversations. The goals and KPIs talk is in the beginning. Then, there’s the check-in and refinements, which takes transparency between all parties to make sure what we’re doing is working and meeting our client’s expectations. Throughout the work, we’re reviewing leads with the sales team to score leads and help move forward with the opportunities presented. Yes, we all have jobs to do. But it takes us all to be successful.

what's all this about ABM?

Can we? Heck, yes! We’re all in with account-based marketing because it offers us a clean and efficient outboard marketing tactic that’s both scalable and targeted. We’ve worked with a handful of ABM tools and uncovered strengths and weaknesses in each. After all, nothing is perfect. But, there was something fundamentally missing in each. So, we’ve developed a tech stack that is sensible, affordable, and effective. 

We invite you to read more about our approach to ABM →

3...2...1... Let's Go!

There are many quick-win situations in life — microwave popcorn comes to mind for some reason — but marketing is not one of them. 

Strategy, as always, leads the way. Creative follows, and then it’s execution and reporting. These things take time, for sure. Communication, project management, and regular meetings are sure to keep a program on track. 

It’s essential, though, to remain nimble throughout a campaign. Unexpected opportunities are going to arise. Campaigns are going to fail. Just maybe a content tactic evolves into a loyalty program. 

We’ve built a team of big thinkers and ass-kickers here to ensure we maximize and capitalize on any opportunity that comes our way to benefit our clients.

the basics

Here are the top five questions to answer before starting:

  1. Who’s our target audience?
  2. What are their pain points?
  3. How can we solve them?
  4. Where can we meet them with our message?
  5. What will get their attention? 

Sometimes, you need an ear to help answer these questions. We’re here to help.

quick question: is this expensive?

We have a friend who, when asked a question like this, replies, “How long is a piece of string?” Meaning there’s no easy answer. Some companies pony up millions of dollars for a Super Bowl ad. Others stretch to launch an email marketing campaign. 

The answer to the question depends on the client’s goals, strategies, and budget. A client should NEVER spend outside of their budget. BUT they might have to stretch and spend to uncover and connect with buyers. 

Here’s a recommendation — get some clarity on your financial comfort zone, be clear with your agency, and don’t look to cut corners because you might just miss out on the one opportunity that changes your fortunes.

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