Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is a leading provider of enterprise-level technology, including data, cloud, AI, and edge solutions.

the call

We worked with Atomic Productions to support HPE’s calls for corporate video scripts and design support for event collateral, infographics, and email blasts.

the solve

Farinella supported HPE’s internal marketing and communications team by delivering video scripts produced by Atomic Productions. We leveraged client-supplied information and research to write scripts highlighting HPE’s GreenLake and Ezmeral platforms and a client pitch video explaining the company’s tech stack solution for retail stores. 

We worked directly with HPE’s team for direction, clarification, and approvals.

Our design team produced several creative projects for HPE’s internal teams, including infographics explaining the company’s strategy for an internal presentation, a solutions deck for a client pitch, and title slides for a corporate event. 


HPE needed an easy-to-digest infographic to explain the benefit of its new Houston office.

team member appreciation day

We developed a series of visual assets used for HPE’s Team Member Appreciation Day, including invitations, certificates, and welcome screens.

sales leader workshops

Our creative team worked with HPE’s internal marketing team to deliver PPT templates and email headers for the company’s annual Sales Leader Workshops. 

jazz hands