mechanics bank

Mechanics Bank is a legendary legacy independent banking institution who’s roots date back to the early 1900s. When the company acquired Rabobank, N.A.’s retail, business banking, commercial real estate, mortgage, and wealth management businesses it grew into new territories throughout California.

the call

We are in a fight to increase our footprint and let people know that Mechanics Bank cares about their money, well-being, and future.

the solve

We worked with Circa Now on several advertising campaigns that showed up in magazines and newspapers, on billboards around the San Francisco Bay Area, and on local radio stations.

We developed various campaigns to raise awareness of Mechanics Bank. 

The “I’m a Mechanic” campaign was a continuation of an existing program. Print and outdoor advertising told the story of real business owners who shared the same values as the bank. 

The “Legacy” campaign launched once the Rabobank acquisition concluded. We deliver concept, creative direction, and copy for print, outdoor, and radio ads that aired during college sporting events across California.

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