E-Fab is a precision metal fabricator that delivers engineering, manufacturing, and quality assurance excellence to customers in the technology, aerospace, communications, defense, and medical industries.

the call

We know as much about marketing as you do about photochemical etching, but we know that what we have isn’t working.

the solve

The history of E-Fab dates back to 1982, just about the time that Silicon Valley became the center of ingenuity and innovation. Over the decades, the company has become known for helping engineers hone their designs, delivering fast prototyping, and precise manufacturing of thin metal parts. 

E-Fab’s senior management team asked us to rework the company’s corporate branding, build and launch a new website, and handle ongoing marketing, digital, and communications efforts.


The E-Fab logo, redone in the early 2000s, did not reflect the company’s innovative and precision work. Plus, the company had an impressive legacy in Silicon Valley and actively partnered with many of the world’s leading technology companies. 

We knew there was space to pay homage to the company’s strengths and graphically represent its future. Our art team examined various shapes, fonts, and colors. We reviewed the company’s history and work and considered its future. 

We kept coming back to a singular part. We asked the client where about the manufacturing process it took to make it and its application. 

The story of that part is the story of E-Fab. Each line, cut, and feature is meaningful and vital to a part’s performance. The same is true at E-Fab — every idea, person, and process contributes to the company’s success.







Finding a wordmark to match was just as important. Communicating stability and possibility with some character involved was essential, so it stood out from the crowd.

The E-Fab color scheme of blue and gold communicated strength and consistency. E-Fab’s manufacturing process influenced a variety of hues in the palette.

E-Fab’s engineers, manufacturers, management, and target audience informed the company’s tone and voice. E-Fab is where engineers come when they want to push technological and manufacturing boundaries. This audience wants information directly and quickly. We kept that in mind for all outbound marketing and communications efforts.


Following our learnings about E-Fab’s target audience and researching engineers’ digital trends, we created a user experience that offered the most information as quickly as possible with the opportunity to delve deeper into any subject.

We understood website visitors sought information about capabilities, material expertise, and how E-Fab served various industries. So, the site’s main navigation covered those pages as well as pages about the company’s history, certifications, and blog. 

As our copy team worked on the website’s content, we set out to capture as many photographic and video assets as possible. We looked for ways to show website visitors how E-Fab brought precision to life daily. As we do with every project, we also created assets for future advertising, communications, and marketing efforts. 

The website went from design to code using Adobe XD, WordPress CMS, and Elementor’s builder. Our goals for building and launching websites are speed, security, and stability. To that end, we tend to use as few plugins as possible and hand-code as much as possible.


E-Fab engaged us to manage its digital marketing efforts, so we started working on SEO and PPC campaigns while building the company’s new website. We leveraged keywords, metadata, and compressed images to gain better attention from search engines.

We also had dozens of citations to clean up from a past agency’s work and sought out quick-win opportunities to ensure our website remained relevant in Google and Bing’s algorithms. Once the website launched, we continued on-page and off-page activities to drive organic traffic further.


Investing in PPC became essential in our digital marketing campaigns, driving relevant traffic to targeted pages and RFQ forms. 

Our number one goal is to drive conversions from qualified leads rather than junk traffic. To that end, we paid close attention to our audience and keywords to optimize for efficiency.

We’ve seen a dramatic increase in RFQ form-fills and website traffic, supporting E-Fab’s sales efforts.


The production of thin metal parts via photochemical etching isn’t the most popular thing in the world (sorry, Atlila), so we saw an opportunity to inform engineers looking for a boundary-pushing partner dedicated to precision and reliability.

We developed a calendar of blog posts showcasing the company’s expertise, its dedication to partnership and innovation, and its manufacturing processes. 

We wrote and edited each post with search engine rankings and readability in mind, utilizing the visual assets captured during our photo and video shoots.

Social Media

E-Fab needs to attract the attention of engineers and decision-makers at industry-leading companies. This audience, like other B2B readers, wants actionable information in quick bites.

We developed a calendar of LinkedIn posts that was visually appealing and carefully written. The posts pointed readers back to E-Fab’s website to get more information and fill out the request for quote form.

Our social media team continues to build our LinkedIn presence with community management, engagement with relevant accounts, and contributing where possible.

account-based marketing

As E-Fab looked for ways to uncover better (not just more) sales opportunities, account-based marketing became a smart solution. As the company’s sales leaders defined target companies, we studied what challenges they were looking to solve and how E-Fab could be an answer. 

We found that many of the companies in E-Fab’s audience needed fast prototyping to prove the efficiency and efficacy of engineers’ designs. To drive brand awareness, we tailored programmatic and LinkedIn ads to that audience. Then, we created an email marketing campaign and e-book for distribution.  

Our digital and creative teams worked with E-Fab to understand the ABM platform, optimize the ABM playbook, and set up advertising accounts (including list building within LinkedIn’s ad manager) to deliver the campaigns.

We continue to offer strategic marketing counsel to E-Fab as the company looks to expand its market share and answer any questions about branding, marketing, and communications.

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