The Partner Companies

The Partner Companies is an integrated group of specialty manufacturing centers serving industry-leading companies in the aerospace, defense, medical, technology, renewable energy, and communications industries. TPC launched in 2020 with its first acquisition and continues to grow with strategic additions to its portfolio and optimization of business, human resources, and supply chain offerings.

the call

We are in a period of rapid growth and need a strategic marketing plan to help us move forward.

the solve

The Partners Companies are in a highly competitive pool — businesses that supply industry-leading companies in the world’s most important sectors. National and international conglomerates chase the same business from companies that rarely change suppliers.

We started our work by taking a deep dive into the industry and TPC’s competitors to uncover opportunities to help the company stand out. From there, we launched onto a vigorous path of refining, building, and launching various campaigns. 


While TPC opted to keep its existing logo, the brand needed a deeper definition and refinement. We clarified the brand’s design system, including color palettes and typography. We developed TPC’s messaging platform, aiming for an informative, engaging, and convincing tone and voice, along with pillars designed to bring consistency to all outbound communications.








TPC’s digital platform was practically nonexistent, so we designed a website to position the company at the forefront of the industry while telling the story of its ten specialty manufacturing facilities. Our designers, writers, graphic artists, photographers, and coders delivered a custom-built site that details TPC’s promise and is a launch pad for outgoing communications.

Communications & Social Media

We saw an opportunity to tell TPC’s story via weekly articles published on the company’s blog and organic LinkedIn posts. The B2B communications plan helped build brand awareness and communicate collective expertise while highlighting TPC’s advanced manufacturing centers.


Our team develops creative assets for TPC trade shows, events, collateral material, and announcements. Each deliverable stays true to the brand guidelines and messaging platforms.

Our team continues to support TPC management with ongoing calls for marketing strategy and deliverables, serving corporate headquarters and manufacturing centers.

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