Heidenau designs and builds motorcycle, moped, and scooter tires to ride, whether that means going on an adventure, using a scooter to get to work, or dressing up a vintage bike. While the company is a well-known and respected brand in Europe, riders in North America are just catching on.

the call

I need help to take this brand to the next level.

the solve

Heidenau needed a new approach to inspire riders to choose them and ways to stand out in a hyper-competitive marketplace with legacy companies looking to keep their market share. 

We worked hand-in-hand with the Heidenau USA owner to uncover opportunities while researching the industry, the buyers, and the competition. There was space, yes, but it would take a lot of work.


First things first — the legacy Heidenau logo needed to be cleaned up. While we couldn’t tear down and rebrand the business, we could clean up its logos, define and modernize its color palette, and emphasize some of Heidenau’s existing brand assets. 

So, we did that. We dropped the drop shadow and straightened the word mark to strengthen it. We rebalanced the logomark, so it made sense.

We also refurbished the company’s tone and voice and messaging platforms. It was essential that the marketing, sales, and operations teams spoke the same language. 


It’s one thing to develop an e-commerce website designed just to sell, and it’s another to create a lifestyle website to highlight the company’s promise. We aimed to bring the two together to attract new riders and retail outlets. We hit the mark by utilizing the Heidenau story of quality and craftsmanship with stories of Heidenau riders.

Fortunately, Heidenau has a deep well of photo and video assets that we used to bring movement and life to the website. The company also has catalogs of product shots for us to use on the e-commerce portal.

The final result, which you can see by clicking here, met the challenge and set the Heidenau team for future marketing and communications efforts. 


Telling the story of Heidenau’s community was inspiring and engaging. Our team developed an editorial calendar and wrote blog posts about the company and its riders. We got to speak with and highlight some amazing characters, including Wandering Tyson, who rode a scooter from coast to coast

Social Media

Getting the word out and showing off the Heidenau product line was crucial for business growth, so we got active on Facebook and Instagram. We leveraged our photos and videos, along with Heideanau imagery and user-generated content, to engage our social media audience.

Creative — catalog

Our team managed the concept, design, copy, and print of Heidenau’s extensive product catalog. Hundreds of retail outlets around the United States received a print copy of the catalog that year.

Creative — brochure

We created this piece of collateral material for use at trade shows and as information for retail outlets.

Loyalty marketing

The Heidenau brand inspires great loyalty, and its riders will shout about the tire’s benefits to anyone who will listen. To encourage and support that user-generated marketing, we launched and managed an Ambassador program that garnered interest within the community.

Print Advertising

We developed the creative and content for a handful of print ads, including this one, which was used in conjunction with an appearance at a show in Carmel, CA.

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