Emergence Healthcare Group

Emergence Healthcare Group, a start-up funded by the American Medical Association’s venture studio Health2047, built a platform to help private practice doctors get back to caring for patients rather than dealing with back-office headaches. The Emergence solution offered to solve accounting, billing, human resources, real estate, and marketing challenges. 

The company opened physical offices in San Francisco and San Ramon for private practices under the name More Care.

the call

We want to help doctors love being doctors again, but we need to let them know we exist.

the solve

When Emergence’s founder came to us, he had a logo designed by a temporary contract graphic artist and was in the middle of a tussle with a website agency that wasn’t delivering. He was frustrated and confused. This company was a passion project for him and he knew the Emergence solution would help doctors and patients, creating better healthcare outcomes for all. 

Our past includes start-ups and healthcare clients, so we understood the challenges he faced. Working with private practice doctors, though, was a new experience. We researched the strengths and weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for those in private practice and major healthcare providers.







We found that doctors were tired of hearing from businesses that there was a solution that would solve all their problems. We confirmed patients were weary of a doctor promising they had time to spend.

The level of mutual exhaustion offered opportunities to build trust, inspire hope, and grow a business. We were ready to go.


Emergence promised something new to private practice doctors, and its branding needed to convey a level of professionalism, trust, and hope. While the company’s original logo was interesting, it needed to be refined and expanded. 

So, we reworked the logo and created a color palette, typography system, identity suite, and visual library to ensure a well-rounded look and feel. We also leveraged our conversations with the founder and a handful of private practice doctors to build a messaging platform that showed expertise, reassurance, and confidence.

introducing more care

The business concept always included a physical manifestation of the brand where doctors could practice. We sensed that the name Emergence on clinic doors would confuse panicked patients, who would think the spaces were urgent care emergency rooms. 

We developed a handful of naming options, conducted focus groups with patients and doctors, and created branding around the winning name: More Care. 

The name “More Care” was born from our understanding that patients AND doctors wanted greater time to spend together to uncover better health plans. 

The More Care logo was a refresh of its parent company’s mark to maintain brand loyalty and consistency. We designed new color and typography palettes, launching them on a unique More Care website, in-clinic signage, social media channels, identity pieces, and collateral.


It was essential to ensure that Emergence had a website communicating its offerings and answering why a potential client could trust the company. Before building a smart wireframe and UX plan, our team studied healthcare website best practices and related companies. 

Based on research, we knew doctors, especially private practice doctors who run all aspects of their business without much help, read quickly at first and then more deeply later. So, we created short, engaging headlines and quick-hit copy for the home page before writing longer, informative content and articles for the inside pages and the blog.

Once our initial work launched, we developed digital marketing, content, and organic social media plans to raise brand awareness and inspire connection.

digital Marketing

Digital marketing research helped us uncover keywords and long-tail phrases for SEO and PPC activities. In addition to sensibly adding keywords and optimizing on-page content for speed, we launched an off-page work program that raised Emergence’s profile across search engines. The PPC program targeted relevant and cost-effective keywords with advertising creative that matched the brand’s look and voice. 

The monthly blog content answered common questions and frustrations faced by private practice doctors, offering perspectives from fellow doctors and industry experts. We understood readers were looking for answers and solutions when they got to this page.


The Emergence sales team needed collateral material to leave behind when they visited interested private practice doctors or emailed to answer questions quickly and easily. We developed a brochure and a series of one-sheets that detailed the Emergence promise and solution.

Social Media

We supported our content marketing with organic social media, leveraging the strengths of LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and the good old days of Twitter. In addition to informative posts that tied back to the Emergence blog, we looked for places to engage with doctors and added to conversations where possible. 


Interviews with Emergence’s CEO Jae Chun became helpful as we looked to explain the concept to interested private practice doctors. We scripted, directed, and produced a series of videos with our friends at Atomic Productions.

The experience with Emergence confirmed the importance of being nimble. Our team rallied around new content, digital, and social work opportunities throughout the engagement. We met every client ask with strategy and creative executions.

Dr. Mona Orady

As soon as Emergence signed its first doctor, we developed brand, website, digital, and social media campaigns to support the doctor’s move into private practice. Our work included photo and video shoots, quick-win and tricky technical SEO work, PR, and email marketing.

While the concepts behind Emergence and More Care are ones we stand behind — helping doctors love being doctors again — the company lost its funding and closed in 2022. 

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