RiDE is a privately owned indoor cycling studio in Oakland, California, with an intensely passionate bunch of coaches and riders.

the call

We could use assistance focusing our social media messaging, making sure we’re consistent with our posts, and finding new ways to engage our fans and followers outside of the studio.

the solve

Take a spin class. Breathe again. Swallow 14 ibuprofen.

Uncover the messages that would connect with a passionate group of exercise maniacs. Confirm with RiDE’s owner and lead instructors. 

Take over RiDE’s social accounts and get going.

Social Media

Athletes of any stripe are a passionate bunch who know just about everything about their sport. The men and women dedicated to the spin life are 39.7% more driven and knowledgeable. (NOTE: We made this number up.)

So, we spent a fair amount of time understanding the audience, developing an editorial calendar, and creating inspiring and informed posts. Our twin goals were to increase the engagement rates and follower counts on Facebook and Instagram. We also helped RiDE’s instructors engage with their followers by offering coaching sessions.


We connected with the RiDE audience outside social media by writing and publishing blog posts covering nutrition, recovery, and exercise topics. These posts included tips for a great ride, profiles of new instructors, and weekly class information. We then spun that content into a weekly newsletter sent via email. 

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