The Year of Being Proactive

Many businesses have taken a reactive marketing position ever since budgets began to tighten and fears ticked upward.

Rather than being out in front and leading the way — proactive marketing — they are electing to respond to what their competitors are doing with little foresight to where they want to push their own marketing and communications campaign.

To our eyes, that is a dangerous position.

It’s January, the beginning of a year that promises (according to news accounts and financial wizards) a stronger economic playing field. It’s time to pull in a trusted marketing/communications advisor and map out the goals for the New Year.

As the 2010 Fourth Quarter dawned, we polled many of our clients and asked what they wanted to do in 2011. It got them thinking about what they wanted to communicate to clients and associates. It got them thinking about what image they wanted to project to new clients. It got them proactive.

It’s not too late if you haven’t thought this through, but it’s getting close.

Now we’re not recommending a budget-busting strategy. Indeed, in most cases, what is called for is a tune-up and maintenance strategy that optimizes your online profile gets your name in front of potential customers and provides extra value to your clients. Plus, given the number of new marketing and communication options available, it may be time to investigate more cost-effective and efficient opportunities.

Be in front and embrace the Year of Being Proactive. Your business, clients and bottom line will thank you. Please let us know how we can help.

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