Let’s get into it, bub.

Branding is not just a logo with a bunch of colors floating around. Nope, a brand is a clear and cohesive framework designed to inspire trust and value from customers, employees, and the marketplace.

We are big believers in building brands that uncover the “truthiness” of a company. Our goal is to work hand in hand with owners, CEOs, CMOs, or senior management to deliver branding that stands out, connects, and drives business. 

We start with conversations and research, talking to as many employees and customers as possible and looking into a company’s closest competitors and allies. These steps lead us through strategic analysis and an answer to branding’s most essential questions: how do we stand out, how do we stay relevant, how do we maintain our edge.

Then we start experimenting, developing, and testing voices and looks to see what fits the company’s promise and answers those vital questions. We look at brand strategy and brand positioning. Every so often, we recommend a new name because a company’s focus has changed.

These efforts are always hand-in-hand with our clients, ensuring that we deliver what is authentic to the company. 

From there, we begin refining and talking, talking and refining. We try out logo treatments, voices, taglines, color palettes, design concepts. Taking a holistic approach contributes to a harmonious brand that helps you stand out, appear relevant, and succeed. Every step of the way, we’re pressure testing our ideas to ensure they connect and inspire.

We love all of that. But it’s a little like building a race car and not taking it out for a spin. 

In our experience, carefully planned and integrated brand launches are the most successful. These have the most impact across the business, from brand awareness to connection to conversion. 

To this end, before we wrap, we deliver a website, photo and video assets, business cards, stationery and identity, social media channels, swag, and (how could we forget?) email signatures.

We’ve had the great fortune to launch brands on the New York Stock Exchange from a high rise in San Francisco and a small office in Oakland. There’s no better feeling than watching someone hand over their new business card with pride.

Picking an agency to help create and launch a brand can be daunting. We’re happy to answer any questions. 



  • Step 1: The Questions

    Successful branding efforts start with a conversation to better understand where you are, who you're trying to reach, and how you're going to stand out. Here's a start to that talk.

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  • Things to Consider

    Maybe you've noticed that we keep saying that branding isn't just a logo? That's because there are dozens of things you should be thinking about before picking up the phone.

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  • What's in the Bag?

    But wait, there's more! Haha. Maybe not, but here are the things we hand off to ensure our clients have the tools needed for continued success from day one to year five.

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