Let’s take a second to celebrate black-owned marketing agencies during National Black-Owned Business Month.

Look, we’re just a small agency in a very big pool of marketing agencies. But, we know that the cards are stacked against black-owned businesses, and this is our effort to do what we can to help.

August, in case you didn’t know, is National Black-Owned Business Month. According to the available data, black-owned businesses make up approximately 9.4 percent of all companies across the United States. Of that 9.4 percent, there are only about 120 black-owned marketing and advertising agencies.

Here are ten marketing, advertising, and communication agencies from around the country that are not only more than capable of putting your new brand to work, managing press, defining and implementing your social media strategy, and bringing you into the marketing future. 


Of course, that list is 10 of 120. Surely there are dozens more. 

Our agency is here for them all.

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